Driving along the throughway these days, I noticed numerous symptoms on the aspect of the road. The first one stated “banana’s.” Then there has been “strawberrie’s” after which “avocado’s.” The final one said “subsequent go out.” As a expert editor and proofreader, I cannot assist but be aware whilst spelling and grammar aren’t correct. I’m continuously searching at phrases in my surroundings. I cannot help it. For the ones of you who may not have picked up the mistake right here, all of those examples show incorrect use of apostrophes. The word “bananas” does no longer need an apostrophe except it’s far observed by using some thing that the banana “owns.’ An instance of this would be “banana’s color.”  thegooglenews.com

So then it were given me thinking. If I’d absolutely been in the marketplace for fruit that day, could this mistake have made me think twice approximately preventing? To be honest, my first idea became that those signs had been written by means of a lazy individual who can’t be bothered checking if their spelling is correct. I sense a touch ashamed approximately feeling that manner, but it is the reality. I do not suppose it’s far simply due to the fact I am an Editor. I suppose the average character could experience the equal. It’s all about first impressions. You’ve got to get it proper first time.

Most groups don’t use an Editor Proofreader before they put up their brochures or commercial enterprise files. In a few instances, possibly that is ok. However, in maximum instances, it is not. And why? Simply due to the fact it’s miles a known reality that we are much less in all likelihood to select up a mistake in our personal paintings than that of some other man or woman. All written fabric needs a 2nd eye and who better to do that than an Editor Proofreader.

Most humans in commercial enterprise might be beneath the influence that strolling a spell test on their record would suffice. Well, it is a great start but it’s going to now not choose up all of the errors. It’s just a pc in spite of everything! A real character, a flesh and blood Editor Proofreader, would also test for consistencies in the document and enhance the waft of the text. Our job is to make your words go with the flow and be easy to understand for your readers. We get your message across in an powerful way. A computer cannot do that. It’s no longer human in spite of everything.

I strongly propose the use of an Editor/Proofreader for all commercial enterprise files. Don’t make the same mistakes as our fruit-promoting buddies. Do it right first time and make a excellent first impression.

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