Agen, located midway among Bordeaux and Toulouse, a completely antique town, which become reunited with France in 1472, after the death of Louis the 11th. It lies on the river Garonne one hundred thirty five km southeast of Bordeaux. This candy town is global famous distributor of Prunes, Medieval Alleys and Waterways. The human beings dwelling there are amusing loving, friendly and rugby fanatics. There are so many locations to go to, just like the medieval churches, the cathedral, the old non-public inns, the archaeological museum and the artwork museum. There are a number of medieval buildings within the antique middle of city.

There are numerous things to do, you can visit there:

Agen Cathedral, committed to Saint Caprasius, is one of the few big churches in France.
Golf d’Albret is an 18-hollow golfing path, that’s located in Barbaste.
Musee municipal des Beaux-Arts is a form of museum that could be a vicinity for fanatics of artwork and art work.
The canals tranept and pont de Napoleon wherein you may experience boating and other water games.
You can revel in adventurous park with numerous exciting rides at Walibi.
Every September, the Prune festival organizes rock live shows, circuses and prune tasting.
Visit on the metropolis’s covered marketplace, placed throughout from the tourism office.
There is an expansion of uncommon species in Zen lawn, unusual lawn and botanical lawn.
You can enjoy various gardens, waterfalls, a farm, duck lake, obstacle path and mini-golf in Parc en Ciel, Agen.
You can experience a rocking nightlife on this metropolis. There are many discos, cafes, bars and pubs where you can revel in your middle of the night.
You can easily get entry to this stunning locations by using car, by way of bus, by teach and by using flight however via teach it’s miles around an hour from Toulouse, and around an hour from Bordeaux. Fast trains to Paris take four hours and ten minutes. Agens Eurostar the high-speed teach has made it viable to attain the town without problems. You can take a train from St Pancras International Station to Paris after which trade your train from Paris to Agen.

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