My lifelong journey among Jehovah’s Witnesses came to an abrupt result in 2008.

After years of serving as an elder, limitless judicial conferences, Circuit Assembly elements, District Conventions, public talks and accomplishing the Watchtower, I turned into unexpectedly faced with a scandalous dealing with of my marriage and discontinuing my time as an elder. In the primary few months that accompanied, the numerous doubts and apparent ‘wrongs’ I had witnessed through the years commenced to gnaw at me. The Bible verses that were so easy… That have been widely omitted. The strategies I have been part of myself, that had no foundation in scripture. The corruption I saw a number of the congregations leaders. All of it changed into taking a toll on me for the primary time in my adult existence. I had continually been ‘serving’ and by no means taken the time to head deeper within the records of the company.

I decided I had to observe. I needed to ‘re-prove’ that this agency, as properly as it’s teachings, have been in reality selected by way of God in 1919 to declare messages of wish. I’m not someone which can stroll away from something without problems. I’m driven by cause. I’ve heard it as compared to an excellent salesman: they can not sell some thing they can not agree with in themselves.

With a brand new head of steam, it was time to locate answers. I changed into on airplanes flying out of the U.S., all around the U.S. And Canada. I paid a go to to Brooklyn Bethel (World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses) twice, I looked at public statistics, stock reports, remaining will and testaments, or even visited grave websites. I dug deeper into the literature of the ‘religion’ I had committed myself to on the ripe age of 17.

With each web site go to, with each page turned.. What I found became deeply demanding.

Was it without a doubt authentic that the ones chosen via God had condemned aluminum? That they overtly recommended the Great Pyramid as a gift from God; proposing a fold out diagram showing how it found out the give up instances of their important have a look at book? They claimed that they had the remedy for cancer? They owned stock in weapon organizations, cigarette corporations and video games? Were members of the United Nations? Had a president that smuggled alcohol to headquarters all through Prohibition? Made up the disfellowshipping association inside the 1950’s?… I should move on for an hour.

I changed into devastated emotionally. My very own experiences within the organization had been nothing in comparison to the nuggets of insanity I determined for the duration of every decade of the company. To make it worse, its ALL in print!

I sat on it inquisitive about a short time… Before finally walking away. I knew my choice to go away was sound. I wasn’t leaving to pursue a life of ‘intercourse, drugs and rock & roll.’ I changed into leaving due to the fact I became part of something that changed into nothing brief of a scam. A successful scheme, full of millions of pages of literature, multi-thousands and thousands in actual property and a ‘flock’ that become absolutely ignorant to the truth about what they were unswerving to.

When I left, I endured to ponder whether or not I could ever be glad. Everything I knew become a part of Jehovah’s Witnesses… From my family to my pals… Even my job. How may want to I depart? I knew I had to… I’m not a person who viewed my standing with God as a small matter. I began to recognize that those that had been loyal to God almost usually stood alone. I could have to do the equal.

For a solid yr I puzzled whether happiness turned into in my destiny. Could I go away and be satisfied?

The answer was a convincing “YES!”
“Indeed, in every us of a, Jehovah’s humans are the exceptional and the happiest!” — Watchtower March 1, 1988 p.17

Even as I read that declaration and many others love it, I’m left questioning ‘how does one degree who’s the satisfactory and happiest humans on the earth?’

In my 40+ years among Jehovah’s Witnesses, lots of my person years as an elder, I regularly puzzled where this declare came from. Was it an try at subliminal inspiration? Was it the ambitious claim of a person that become speaking to God without delay? Had a poll been taken? Who wrote this??

If you’re born right into a own family which might be practising Jehovah’s Witnesses, you are beat over the top with these bold statements at a completely younger age. You come to equate all types of happiness together with your ‘luck of the draw’… Beginning into Jehovah’s Witnesses. For instance “I love burritos! It need to be due to the fact Jehovah wanted me to” or “Jehovah cherished me as a infant greater than he loved all the ones children in Africa and Russia which have in no way heard of him.” Why? “Because I’m so satisfied! We are the happiest and quality people in the world!”

“In fact, as a set, they’re the most privileged, the most successful, and by far the happiest organization on the planet nowadays, as you’ll see inside the next article.” — Watchtower March 1, 1989 Mar 1 pg.3

Only it’s no longer even remotely actual. To begin, I often puzzled, how did the writers of these ambitious statements get around to each and each culture, man or woman, organization, congregation, gadget, occasion, etc. To get this records? Did they go to the Korowai Tribe of Indonesia and ask them approximately their private happiness? Did they in some way live on a landing on the island of the Sentinelese, not like every person else in history and have a touch fireplace chat?

“Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah!” (Ps. One hundred forty four:15) Those phrases describe Jehovah’s Witnesses because the happiest people on the earth.” — Kingdom Ministry Feb 2002 p.1 par. 1 The Happiest People on Earth

Second, even after years of teaching to hundreds, occasionally over one thousand humans, I might surprise why “we” idea we had a few specific rights to the Bible. I become positive after a lot analyzing and have a look at that it turned into supposed for all mankind… However for some motive… At some point… Jehovah’s Witnesses thought they sort of owned the Good Book and it simplest carried out to them… Specially the anointed ones or member of the 144,000. The rest people that had the exquisite proper fortune to run into a Jehovah’s Witness, examine the Bible (examine THEIR PUBLICATIONS) with them, have been just fortunate to guide the anointed of their run to heaven.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find some thing that might suggest that was accurate, taught with the aid of Christ or all people else for that rely. Still, I could press on, boldly supporting such statements… In the end, I become a number of the most “glad and great humans on the planet.”

Only… I wasn’t. Perhaps the single maximum adverse factor I skilled was the countless array of troubles and pain that surround Jehovah’s Witnesses. As an elder, a man is ‘privy’ to the internal scoop on human beings’s lives. Why? Oh, its absolutely required by using the organisation. You’re pressed into confessing every sin, as well as speakme to the elders approximately any and all issues for your lifestyles. This may additionally encompass the entirety out of your sturdy desire to masturbate to each single, grimy, nasty detail of your miserable marriage. Your mate desires to blend in oral intercourse? Let’s go communicate to the elders, because that could be a disgusting sin… Even though the Bible by no means even mentions it. You want to sign up for the YMCA and get in a very good exercising? Uh oh, that is an business enterprise of ‘false religion’… Better get the elders. You’re sixteen years old and took a pant of a cigarette? Holy sins! I want an elder.

On and on and on it might go. Night after night… Smartphone name after smartphone call. Person after man or woman. And due to the near knit necessities of the employer, you would know humans all around the world… Who… Wager what, wanted to discuss every unmarried ache, sin and worry with their favored elder.

The stages of melancholy amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses is so high, it blows the professionals minds. Several research from the 1940’s, as well as the 1990’s lists extreme cases of mental illness among Jehovah’s Witnesses. Suicides at the sector headquarters, as well as character congregations are on record. Anti-depressants exist in every congregation.

Divorce is a not unusual state of affairs in many, if not all, congregations. I cannot even explicit how many hours; entire days of my life I spent looking to desperately shop marriages. “U.S. Religious Landscape Survey 2008″ via The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life surveyed 35,000 humans and offers findings on divorce/separation quotes. (religions.Pewforum.Org/reviews as at 20 Apr 2008)… The Witness fee of 14% was barely above the U.S. Average of 12%.”

Clearly, those are the “happiest and quality human beings on earth.”

It wasn’t till 2008, that I found out I had extreme cognitive dissonance. My brain and enjoy told me something turned into terribly wrong. Why don’t I experience satisfied? Why does not everybody else I understand? It became time to discover why. Surely, God’s love might bless my efforts to find fact among this madness. I decided to dig and dig for the answers.

The end result become a renewed electricity. I turned into eventually searching at things with out the lense of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. No more changed into I just accepting statements like this:

“Now Jehovah’s witnesses are blessed in particular others due to the fact they are the happiest, most non violent and contented humans on earth.” — Watchtower February 1, 1960 pg.Seventy four par. 17

Why proportion my private adventure? It is my honest wish that every one those who have grown up a Jehovah’s Witness or are currently considering baptism into the agency, make a honest and decided attempt to study the records of Jehovah’s Witnesses. To examine the Bible towards what you have got heard or skilled. But greater than whatever, I want folks that do decide to leave this ‘company’ to recognise that they could and WILL be glad! A character doesn’t need to wander in fear of ‘where to go’ or what to do subsequent.

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