Bali is a very popular tourist destination and it’s becoming more popular all the time. That being said, there is also a lot of foreigners who get cheated when it comes to money in Bali. One particular issue I learned about from experience is currency exchange in Bali. As there are a lot of international tourists who visit Bali on a regular basis, there are many currency exchange venues all throughout the island. https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

The first thing that tourists should know before traveling to Bali is where there are the safe and reputable places to change currency. Rupiah is the currency used in Indonesia and the banknote denominations has many zeros. For example, 100,000 Rupiah is worth approximately $10.00 US and 200,000 Rupiah is worth approximately $20.00 US and so on. (This can vary depending on the currency exchange rates at the time).

The result of this is that tourists can end up with a large handful of notes (Rupiah) after changing their currency into Rupiah. For example changing a $50.00 note may end up with 10 bank notes of 50,000 Rupiah. This allows the opportunity for “non-reputable” money changers to short-change the customers a few notes here and there when changing currency.

Tourists may not even realize it due to the large handful of notes they are given at the time of changing their currency into Rupiah. Another trick that locals have been known to use is to fool tourists with those banknotes because it can confuse non suspecting tourists who aren’t familiar with it. For example a tourist may purchase a product worth 10,000 Rupiah (Approximately $1.00 US) and hand over a 100,000 Rupiah note instead of a 10,000 Rupiah note and not even realize it.

These are probably the main 2 things that are best to become familiar with before embarking on a holiday to Bali. It’s easy to save money and avoid scams with just a few simple things to keep in mind. The first thing is to pay close attention to the Rupiah notes and exactly how much you’re handing over when purchasing products.

The main thing that confuses many people is all the zeros in the Rupiah currency. Locals may take advantage of tourists who aren’t paying attention to this.

Whenever you’re changing currency in Bali, it’s highly recommended to look for money changers who carry the “PVA Berizin” banner. This is a green logo that will be clearly labeled at any of the money changers in Bali.

Those who carry this banner are the most reputable and reliable currency exchange venues in Bali. They will never short change customers and are known for their reliable reputation in Bali. There are some places they don’t carry the PVA Berizin banner.

Keeping these things in mind when traveling to Bali will be sure to save money and avoid running into any dishonest scams that does happen to tourists. Bali is a great holiday destination and well worth visiting for anyone who hasn’t visited before. However, to exercise these common sense travel tips will be sure to avoid any bad experiences on your Balinese holiday.


This link goes into more detail about this article and why it’s very useful to know about handling money in Bali. Understanding Rupiah and where to change currency will be sure to avoid the risk of being cheated by local scams in Bali. This link also shows images of the bank note denominations and the green PVA Berizin logo that everyone should become familiar with.


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