If you are a jewelry and accessories lover like me, chances are you buy your outfits to match your pretty baubles. Well, we may not always do that! But, sometimes, we all can flaunt our trifle little follies. Pair your silver oxidized ring and African necklace with a long, plain kurta in black, grey of pale blue, and see how you turn heads! https://inesarenas.com/

Things have never been better for accessories’ lovers like me than they are today – when markets, online platforms, bespoke labels as well as chain stores and retailers are inundated with an amazing range of choice.

Jewelry forms an entire fashion segment in itself. You can choose from statement pieces to tribal, niche creations to divine designer stuff. Whatever you may be wearing and whichever look may be on your mind, you can find and match jewelry to suit your taste, style, mood and occasion. Right jewelry enhances the overall appeal of any outfit, while a wrong pairing can spoil your entire look. In other words, there is no dearth of options and choices, but you must choose with care.

This is especially true in case of Indian ensembles. You can never be short of amazing jewelry choices. But, it is a tricky domain. Hence, you must tread with caution. Here are a few suggestions that will help you pair your beloved Indian outfits with smart, chic trinkets and colorful beads –

1. Keep your choices open:

Traditional jewelry is great with Indian and traditional wear. But, you need not always pair your sarees and kurtas with traditional jewels. Keep your options and mind open. Western, classy, eclectic and bohemian stuff goes pretty well with Indian-wear, provided you make the right choice.

Colorful beads’ necklaces are a great way to take your simple sarees from plain to fabulous. Instead of chunky earrings, you may also wear dainty, little diamond studs or delicate chains with your lehengas or bohemian skirts. You may also try wearing quirky pieces like rings, anklets, hair jewels, arm bands to enhance your style quotient. Whatever you do, just go all out, and don’t limit yourself to just one style or segment!

2. Don’t be afraid of experimenting:

Who said a saree can only be worn with jhumkas and standard gold chains? Recently, I paired a cotton-silk saree with a tribal, handmade, thread necklace, and it won me so praises through the day.

Don’t stick to regular combinations. Choose unconventional stuff, and break boundaries. Pair your jhumkas with jeans, and your multi-hued trinkets with palazzo suits. There are no set rules, and if there are any, be okay with breaking them!

Experimentation helps you create and curate new looks on a regular basis.

For example, don’t stick to adorning only your neck and ears with jewelry. For a change, make another body part the centre of attention – by wearing a quirky, statement ring or an eye-catching arm band, or eclectic palm or hair jewelry. Well, the choices are endless!

Star Tip – Think of novel ways to double up the use of your jewels. Who said anklets are always supposed to be worn on the dainty feet! They look equally delish on nooky necks. Your necklace is great, but it may be extra charming, if you wear it as a tiara or a hair chain. Think, think…

3. Mix Colors

We are conditioned to match jewelry with our ensemble’s color scheme. That works, but that doesn’t have to be the norm always.

Instead of standard matching, focus on creating interesting mixes. This will also give more mileage to all your jewelry pieces.

Think of combinations others haven’t tried. Or, you haven’t tried! Red paired with black is good, but red paired with peach is amazing!

Color blocking is a great way to add the same shades and tints of the same color to your look. Next time you wear a navy blue dress, add accessories in various other shades of blue – cerulean or aqua blue for jewels, royal blue for shoes, shocking, electric blue for hair pins and more.

Bizarre? Not really! Try this unique look.


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