What in the world do all of these wild words have in common? No, they’re not ways to swear in Croatian! But, they do share a unique bond.  mm.hr

They are all incredible wines and vineyards in Croatia – an emergent connoisseurs’ destination that has actually long been a producer of the finest wines in the world.

With its rich soils and temperate climate, each region of Croatia – from Istria to Slavonia to Dalmatia – has been releasing amazing wines for centuries, largely under the radar of the international community. Long having taken a backseat to the French, Italian, and Spanish wine dynasties, Croatia is making its mark on the international scene with the finest wines found anywhere on the planet.

Just like its booming real estate market that has become one of the best in the world after declaring independence a decade and quickly establishing itself as one of the best places in the world to invest, the Croatian wine industry is benefiting and experiencing a renaissance as well. From the center of the wine revolution in Slavonia to the upstarts in Istria and all along the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia is home to the world’s best wine makers, wines, and established and up-and-coming brands.

With so many great wines to choose from, the problem for the wine aficionado and the newbie alike becomes not “How can I find the best Croatian wine,” but where should I even start? To help you make your way through the Adriatic Sea of choices, let’s take a look at three all-time favorites.

3. Sangreal Shiraz Limited Edition – 2004 – from Bibivineyards in Dalmatia

Characteristics: dry, dark, spicy, fruity with a hint of mint and green pepper

Located near Skradin in northern Dalmatia, the Bibli vineyards, owned by Alen Bibi

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