Most would agree, face – to – face, teaching, for most, is, the overall, best way, to teach, and maximize learning! It is not, nearly, as simple, to resolve, as certain proponents, on, either side, of the discussion, appear, to believe, it is! Most public health experts state, the safest approach, is, to reopen, only, in areas, where the local area, is experiencing a low infection rate. While, states, such as, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, which have more strictly, enforced public health – related policies, etc, and phased – in, reopenings, have enjoyed a low infection rate, for about one month, other states, which followed the demands of a man, who considers himself, a stable genius, are experiencing huge spikes in infections, and deaths (especially, certain states, such as Florida, etc). Since our kids, must not be treated, as guinea pigs, and, reopening, without considering ramifications, alternatives, etc, is irresponsible, and the wrong approach! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 of these principles/ factors, and, why, they all need to be considered, and taken into consideration.

1. Economic/ job – related: How can the economy, become restored, to some semblance, of what is required, if, parents can’t go to work, because schools, are closed? However, while this is important, if public health principles are not followed, and prioritized, we will witness, a second – wave of this pandemic, which will be debilitating, to the economy, and have longer – lasted, unwanted ramifications!

2. Health of teachers, administrators, staff: Teachers, administrators, and other school staff, are composed of some individuals, who are immune – diminished, and/ or, have other health – related issues, and, thus, will be, at – risk, if exposed, and/ or, may feel uncomfortable, and unsafe, returning, too soon!

3. Health of children: Some proponents, of reopening schools, including this President, have stated, children won’t get sick, and/ or, are somewhat, immune! Not only is that untrue, but, even if few showed ailments, etc, they might infect others, including their parents, grandparents, and those, in the wider – community!

4. Learning – In – person, versus, remote/ virtual: Children benefit, in many ways, from, in – person learning, including emotional growth, greater learning exposure (for most), etc, but, if/ when, remote/ virtual learning, is the only safe choice, it’s essential, it is done, in the finest, possible way!

5. Family, and close contacts: In addition to the risks to the children, teachers, staff, and school administrators, reopening schools, before reducing the local infection rates, creates a significant risk, to the overall community’s infection rate, and, especially, to those, the students/ children, come into contact with, especially, family, and close contacts. We should know, by now, this virus spreads, often, in an exponential manner!

6. Larger Community: Beware of those, demanding schools, reopen, by some artificial deadline, because, unless it is done, correctly, with attention paid, to wearing a mask, following social distancing, and cleaning, and disinfecting, often, we will create, a significant spike, in the number of cases! Doing this, correctly, protects the larger community, the school community, and reduces undesirable ramifications, and impacts!

Follow the advice of the public health experts, and not the politicians! How many more mus die, or get ill, before we wake up, and demand, responsible governing?


By yanam49

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